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Monday, 30 October 2017


The trend or goal nowadays is to become a strong, successful & independent woman, 
but what does that mean?
In my head, the first images that I get are a businesswoman, busy, suited and booted to the tee 
with tons of money.
Doesn't sound realistic that we all strive for that or that that would even make all of us happy.
Photo by Zoja Saveljeva 

To be strong can mean that you can deal with a lot of unpleasant events and still cope. Strong can also mean being physically strong.

To be successful, you need to determine that to you on the basis of what makes you happy. I believe that if and when I'm happy, I have succeeded. You don't need to wear a 2k power-dress, you can be covered in baby goo in your pajamas and be the most successful person you know.

To be independent can mean that you can change your own car tires but can also mean that owning up to what are your weaknesses and being strong enough to ask for help. To me, this is tech stuff. I am hungry to learn and I'm trying my best to manage all the new gadgets and Softwares but sometimes I just can not figure something out and it is completely okay to ask for help.

My point is that we all are different, we all have different sets of standards of what is or makes a successful, strong & independent woman. You have already everything you need to become that inside you. You are enough, and you can. 
So to recap:
  1. You need to be happy. If you're not happy, think/ list what are those that you are missing from making you happy.
  2. Then using bullet points or writing on your calendar your weekly ToDo tasks start making small goals per week.
  3. Focus, yet be open to change and adapt. It's okay to change your goals. You are making you happy.
To all of you strong, successful & independent ladies with love, Mimi

Friday, 27 October 2017


I get inspired by people around me, and I've lately been hanging out a lot with Zoja. She has this talent of mixing items that shouldn't work but making them look like gold.
So, inspired by her, I styled this gorgeous black flowery dress with black jeggings and my beloved green bomber.
My hair is out of control, I know. I've booked an appointment in Gyyli to Inka. What should I do?
Bomber / Zara (old season) similar 0706 256 500
Dress / H&M current season 
Jeggings / Zara 5520 082 800
Boots / H&M (old season)
Backpack / Zara (old season) similar 8756 204 202

Photos by Zoja Saveljeva | Edit by me

Flowertastic weekend to you, Mimi


Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Some of you might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram (mimii_official) that I've got myself braces, jaiks.
When I was a kid, I had some sort of a lopsided bite, they fixed that at council dental care. I wore braces for six long years.
After that my bite has been perfect, however, I have never been happy with my wonky lower teeth. My upper teeth were always in a nice straight line until I got my wisdom teeth. They pushed my other front teeth a bit on top of the other. Just enough to annoy me.
Spent years, decades pondering should I get my teeth done. I had even heard that you need to do that before you're 30 before your teeth bones sets.
Nonsense. It's never too late to start. Teeth should be taken care of, they are an extremely wise place to invest your money.

I searched and asked friends, near and far, and ended up going to Pihlajalinna Hammasklinikka Stockmann to Lilli Åberg based on a recommendation.

I booked first a consultation. Lilli checked my teeth, complimented on the perfect bite (well-done council dental care!), and recommended we put brackets on at least on the lower teeth.
I thought for a few days after, what should I do and decided that there is never a good time and that I should just do it. And while I'm at it why not fix the both, upper and lower, while we're at it.
The first step was to have an x-ray of my teeth. Then take a mold, which is how we can compare how the teeth have been when starting the process. Then I got placed with rubber bands on my second last tooths to make space for the forthcoming small devices.
This is how it started, I'll post more along the way maybe do videos on YouTube on my channel Mimi Jasmin as well.

Very excited, Mimi


Tuesday, 24 October 2017


The long weekend at I Love Me- beauty (and health) convention is over. I had two brands which products I wanted to finally get my hand on, and they were Jeffree Star and Luz Lashes. 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics could be described as must-have products for anyone who's into beauty scene in Instagram and/ or YouTube. 
Luz Lashes are a variety of lashes made in collaboration with beauty influencers. The brand is owned by Anita Rincón who also has Rincón Cosmetics line.
 Both brands, Jeffree Star and Luz Lashes, are available in Finland from OletKaunis- online store. 
 I got the Nude mini collection.
Here is the shade Androgyny.
I was thinking of doing a video where I test out/ swatch the Jeffree shades and the highlighter, and apply these beauties on. What you think?
 This set was such a bargain, four sponges for 15€.
Can not wait to try this, was only 5€.
 From FaceHelsinki I go this lovely lot to try. Ziajas Cupuacu line, shower balm + bronzing lotion- sounds lush, and body scrub. Ziaja 
Sensitive enzyme peeling for face, head a lot of good about this product. 
Ziaja Olive line, it's getting colder and I for one need more moisturizing and hydration from my face creams. The white one is for day cream, and the green is for night cream.
Kents Pebble is taking over Tangle Teezers crown as the smallest, soft bristlest, and detangliest hairbrush. That fits basically to any bag too.
Also from FaceHelsinki, who are importers, you can find your local retailer from their website here, just a few things on my own dollar.
Pierre René Hyaluronic Acid seven days regimen. You have seven ampuls, one per day, half in the morning and the rest of the evening. You put your regular day, and night creams on top of this.
After this regime is done I'll continue using the hyaluronic elixir, every morning. 
Their Anti-aging Gel eye patch is amazing. I keep these in my fridge, and the mornings when I look/ feel super puffy they're nice and cool adding a bit more effect.
Bielendas Carbo Detox mask is something completely new, it's a new line they have. It's made for oily to combo skin, mines dry to normal so this one was the only one that suited my skin type.
DenovaPro eye gel, and nourishing eye cream. The red one to nourish during the day, and the blue one to fight dark circles and puffiness by night.
Ziajas Goat's milk makeup remover is super efficient yet gentle, has ricinoil for extra care to your lashes. 
Ziajas foot cream is my every night ritual.

That was quite a haul, don't you think, have you tried any of these products?
Or were you at the convention, did you get to see Jeffree? I saw him, and his posse, walk by me.

Have a beaut of a day, Mimi 


Friday, 20 October 2017


Grey on grey on grey sounds a tad boring but is it?
I added some light browns in scarf and shoes, and kept black minimal, only the bag. 

Coat / Zara (old season)
Knitwear / H&M (old season)
Shirt / Zara (old season)
Leggings / Zara 0387 225 802
Scarf / Louis Vuitton
Shoes / H&M (old season)

Throughout this weekend I'll be shuffling at I love me- exhibition with FaceHelsinki at section 6B50. Come and say hi if you're there!

Have a great weekend, Mimi

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


My eyebrows have always been super light coloured, they grow very scarcely meaning since I was a teen I've drawn them.
Well, I got tired of that and searched through countless of Instagram and Facebook pages looking for the browfessional whos handwork I liked. 
 I wanted to look Insta ready- all the time

There are two techniques: tattooing and microblading.
 On eyebrow tattooing, they use a small needle to insert the colour in, like doing a tattoo.
In microblading, they cut the hair stroke lines with a tiny blade, and after blading, they apply the colour on top of that.
Microblading lasts maximum one year, whereas tattooing can last over a year.

I found Charme Studio de Snezajas handwork to please me most, and she uses the tattoo technique.

You can see on this picture collage, that my eyebrows truly were super light.
I first went to Snezaja a year ago, she did my eyebrows using shading technique.
The top picture is after the first session and the lower one a month later after session number two.
My eyebrows stayed very beautifully, these pictures below are taken after a year.
I wanted to have some more 'realness' to the brows.
 So exactly one month ago I went to Snezaja, and this time she used a hair stroke technique.

This picture below is right after the session, and the process doesn't really hurt but I felt a constant need to sneeze.
 There are very sensitive nerves at the ends of your brows, near the eyes, that cause that feeling.
This is taken the next day, while I got my Lash Lift done by Studio VMS.
This is how I look now, a month after.
I would very highly recommend to, if you're thinking of getting your eyebrows tattooed, to look through a gazillion pictures. Before, after & healed ! 
I could not be happier with the work that Snezaja has done. You can find her Facebook here and Instagram here

Happy browdays to you, Mimi

* hairstroke tattoo session done in collaboration with Charme Studio de Snezaja


Monday, 16 October 2017

Sunday spent brunching & watching KHL

Sunday was such a fun, and relaxing day. Started the day with sleeping in, then headed to a brunch with friends followed by a KHL hockey game.
This Café is one my the favourite places, decor vise and importantly the food. Buongiorno Café is like your extended living room, the service works a lot better there than at my living room.

Headed to watch a KHL game of Jokerit vs Salavat Julajev Ulfa. 
Spoiler Alert!
Jokerit won 2-0.

After the game came home and watched some Netflix, edited these (, and a ton of other) pictures, and just relaxed.
Happy Monday, and a new week to you all, Mimi

Saturday, 14 October 2017

OUTFIT POST- miniature backpack

I'm in love with my mini backpack, you can style it with basically everything.
Not ready to completely pack away my bomber, had a rare sunny day so could sport this casual look.
Pictures Natalie Vilen

Bomber // Zara (old season)
Hoodie // H&M (+ size collection) 34,99
Jeans // Only (old season)
Backpack // Zara (old season)
Shoes // Adidas (old season)
Glasses // Tom Ford from Synsam

Hope your weekend is going great, Mimi
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