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Monday, 20 November 2017


Warm days are truly over in Helsinki, Finland and with that it means turning your skincare products to more moisturising and hydrating.
I got these Ziaja Natural Olive line face creams to try from FaceHelsinki.
My skin is normal, dry due to winter, but I do get the slightly oily T-zone.
The white package/ jar is anti- wrinkle cream, and for the day.
 The green package/ jar is the intensely nourishing, and I used for the night.
The creams have very mild mild to zero scent, which is super if you're sensitive. 
Anti-wrinkle cream is recommended for 30+, and has Q10 to renew the skin, lessen wrinkles and to prevent them. Olive oil is to nourish the skin and to protect from free radicals. Price is 9,90€ at Sokos department stores and website.

Intensely nourishing cream very rich, so a little goes long way. You can use it as day and/ or night cream, but it was perfect for me as a night cream. The olive oil nourishes skin preventing it from loosing moisture, boosting skins renewal. Restores skins elasticity and softness. Suitable for all ages. Price is 6,90€ at Sokos department stores and website. 

Big words, big promises !
I used the products for over a month, how did they perform?
My skin is super soft. Even my friends have noticed, and one of them wouldn't believe that I wasn't wearing any makeup one day that it was just my glowing healthy skin.
I've also noticed a difference on the fact that I don't have those white pimples, that come from when your skin is dry, anymore. Fantastic !
I apply creams quite liberally, and from my forehead to my 'breastline'. So all the way. 
I find it quite unbelievable that you can have such good products with a super affordable price.

Can highly recommend Ziaja, and these two face creams for the winters malnourished skin.

As an extra I'll show you what I've been using to tackle eye area wrinkles and puffiness.
Denova pro lines Nourishing eye cream on the mornings to give moisture and nourish. Nourished skin equals less wrinkles.
Eye gel with eyebrighter extract to fight against dark under eyes and puffiness during nigh time.

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 Have a nourished dayMimí

Products given by FaceHelsinki.
Straight link to Sokos website to the Natural Olive Anti-Wrinkle Cream, 9,90€.
Straight link to Sokos website to the Natural Olive Intensely Nourishing Cream, 6,90€.
Denova Pro retailers in Finland here.


Friday, 17 November 2017


I've been doing yoga on and off for almost 20 years- sounds like I should be a pro by now right?
Well, I'm not. There are so many different kinds of yoga that I haven't even tried them all.
What I have tried are Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, and Bikram yoga. I can do a separate post on those if you'd like?
The thing with yoga is that every single session, can you say it's a session?, is different.
So much depends on how your day's been, what kind of mood you're in.
Just when you think you think you've 'cracked the code' and mastered something that just leads you to a deeper pose that will strengthen and touch muscles you didn't realise you could use.
Lately, I've been going more to Bikram yoga classes. The heat makes me stretch easier, and I feel that the heat and humidity in the room does good to my skin.
What I really think is the hardest part, and the best about yoga is that for the 90 minutes you solely focus on that. It must be the same though in every sport. I feel like I'm such a hyper person that the concentration and focusing helps me even after the class. 
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 Have a yogatastic dayMimí


Wednesday, 15 November 2017


I've been searching for a pair of thigh high boots for so many years, it's unbelievable. 
Actually any kind of boots that would go over my (fat) calves, I'll buy straight away if I find.
These boots are from Stockholm (Sweden) shop called Skopunkten, and were around 60€.
I felt like a Cindrella when the shoe fit. I tried the right foot only for it was on display and excitedly asked for the left one. Well that was a show because the one I got was smaller around the calf than the one I had. The super nice assistant brought me all their left foot boots to try, and I  think the fourth or fifth was the same match as the right foot. 
Sounds ridic, I know but come on- they look so nice ! 
Got my hair updated (finally) at Gyyli with who else than megababe Inka. Loves it.
I just got my new sunnies, Marc Jacobs, that have matching prescription than my normal eyewear does too from Synsam. So now I see aswell with sunnies than with my glasses.
Photos by Natalie Vilen | Edit by me

Product details:
Coat / Mango 11037655 - 79,99€
Hoodie / Monki Ode Sweat - 25€
Skirt / Zara (old season)
Boots / Skopunkten
Bag / Mango 13015021 Olga - 35,99€
Eyewear / Marc Jacobs from Synsam

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 Have a boot of a dayMimí

Monday, 13 November 2017


Sick of too long jeans legs and not sure how to shorten them yourself? 
I did it, you can too so keep reading.
Photo by Zoja Saveljeva | Edit by me

You'll need:
  • jeans
  • scissors
  • thread and needle
  • nerves
  • time (15- 60 min)

1. You need to measure what is the right length for you by turning up the unwanted part.
2. Measure that the turned parts are the same length.
3. Start by cutting your way from the seam towards the turned part and cut along it.
4. Check that the seam is as straight as possible. 
5. When you put the jeans on you can see easier if there are some parts that need more trimming. Like here on the right leg there's a small part that I've missed.
5. You'll have an open seam, and you want to make a small stitch to seal it so it won't start opening.
A stitch like on the beige pants, just a small one.
6. If you want you can tease out a bit of threads with tweezers.
Annnd then you're done - Congrats !

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 How did you for you? Let me know in a commentMimí

Friday, 3 November 2017


.. and it's making shooting outside so hard. The night is dark and full of... no wait I meant the darkness comes so soon now. While we were shooting these it was light at 4.30pm, but by the time we were done 5.45pm, it was already almost pitch black. Note to self, start earlier.
I very much like this combo of layering a bomber, hoodie, tunic & jeans. 
Pictures by Zoja Saveljeva | Edit by me

Happy weekend, Mimi


Wednesday, 1 November 2017


I have a very tricky skin, well in a way super easy; it's at its best when the temperature is high and there is more than 50% humidity in the air. So just super tricky due to me living in Helsinki, Finland.
When the cold weather comes and the central heating starts also starts the itching and 'drying' of my skin.
I've been almost avoiding exfoliating my skin in the winter time in fear of making it thinner or more sensitive. Well, here is when the seasalt soap comes in.
Seasalt soap benefits:
  • accelerates the healing of wounds and infections
  • treats dry and cracking skin
  • helps to disinfect pimples and red spots
  • restrains sweating (armpits and feet)
  • moisturizes dry skin

You can use the soap all over your body. Lather the soap between your hands in water, then apply with circular motions to where wanted. Do not apply soap directly to the skin, it might be too harsh and scrape your skin.
Ingredients in this beautiful heart shaped seasalt soap, handmade in Helsinki btw, are:
  • sea salt
  • rapeseed oil
  • coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • rose salt

 I was given this product to try from Butik-O, an eco-friendly e-commerce shop that has its products made in Finland. All products are not tested on animals, and catalog varies from cleaning to makeup. Shipping, in Finland, is free if you spend over 35€.
 Seasalt soap has come to stay in my routines, I use it twice a week. If you have any questions you can contact the lady in charge of Butik-O at kauppiatar@butik-o.fi 

Happy scrubbing, Mimi 


Monday, 30 October 2017


The trend or goal nowadays is to become a strong, successful & independent woman, 
but what does that mean?
In my head, the first images that I get are a businesswoman, busy, suited and booted to the tee 
with tons of money.
Doesn't sound realistic that we all strive for that or that that would even make all of us happy.
Photo by Zoja Saveljeva 

To be strong can mean that you can deal with a lot of unpleasant events and still cope. Strong can also mean being physically strong.

To be successful, you need to determine that to you on the basis of what makes you happy. I believe that if and when I'm happy, I have succeeded. You don't need to wear a 2k power-dress, you can be covered in baby goo in your pajamas and be the most successful person you know.

To be independent can mean that you can change your own car tires but can also mean that owning up to what are your weaknesses and being strong enough to ask for help. To me, this is tech stuff. I am hungry to learn and I'm trying my best to manage all the new gadgets and Softwares but sometimes I just can not figure something out and it is completely okay to ask for help.

My point is that we all are different, we all have different sets of standards of what is or makes a successful, strong & independent woman. You have already everything you need to become that inside you. You are enough, and you can. 
So to recap:
  1. You need to be happy. If you're not happy, think/ list what are those that you are missing from making you happy.
  2. Then using bullet points or writing on your calendar your weekly ToDo tasks start making small goals per week.
  3. Focus, yet be open to change and adapt. It's okay to change your goals. You are making you happy.
To all of you strong, successful & independent ladies with love, Mimi
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