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Wednesday, 18 October 2017


My eyebrows have always been super light coloured, they grow very scarcely meaning since I was a teen I've drawn them.
Well, I got tired of that and searched through countless of Instagram and Facebook pages looking for the browfessional whos handwork I liked. 
 I wanted to look Insta ready- all the time

There are two techniques: tattooing and microblading.
 On eyebrow tattooing, they use a small needle to insert the colour in, like doing a tattoo.
In microblading, they cut the hair stroke lines with a tiny blade, and after blading, they apply the colour on top of that.
Microblading lasts maximum one year, whereas tattooing can last over a year.

I found Charme Studio de Snezajas handwork to please me most, and she uses the tattoo technique.

You can see on this picture collage, that my eyebrows truly were super light.
I first went to Snezaja a year ago, she did my eyebrows using shading technique.
The top picture is after the first session and the lower one a month later after session number two.
My eyebrows stayed very beautifully, these pictures below are taken after a year.
I wanted to have some more 'realness' to the brows.
 So exactly one month ago I went to Snezaja, and this time she used a hair stroke technique.

This picture below is right after the session, and the process doesn't really hurt but I felt a constant need to sneeze.
 There are very sensitive nerves at the ends of your brows, near the eyes, that cause that feeling.
This is taken the next day, while I got my Lash Lift done by Studio VMS.
This is how I look now, a month after.
I would very highly recommend to, if you're thinking of getting your eyebrows tattooed, to look through a gazillion pictures. Before, after & healed ! 
I could not be happier with the work that Snezaja has done. You can find her Facebook here and Instagram here

Happy browdays to you, Mimi

* hairstroke tattoo session done in collaboration with Charme Studio de Snezaja


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