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Friday, 29 September 2017

Coat season in on

It's officially cold, and coat season is upon us. I'd personally prefer to live somewhere where the temperatures lowest point hit 20-Celsius degrees. But as for now, all I can do is layer up.
I get asked a lot about my hair, which is fantastic because I love it too. My hairdresser is Inka at Gyyli, a post about my latest visit there is here
My YouTube video about haircare products hates and faves is here.
Coat is from Zara (old season, think I saw something very similar there this week).
Scarf is from Zara (I need to find a warmer, bigger one).
Trousers, can you guess? From Zara.
Bag is  from H&M, it was on sale for 7,99€. Great find.
Sneakers are Adidas.
Pictures by Zoja Saveljeva

Have you found the jacket for this fall or going straight to down jacket town?
Leave me a comment, xoxo


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

I've been Botoxed

At this prime age of 33 years young I wanted to look as rested and gorgeous as I felt. I have been blessed with good genes wrinkle-wise, but I wanted to relax a few points on my face.

Did you know that with Botox you can find relief for migraines, excess sweating and grinding your teeth (bruxism)?
I think that Botox has a bit of a bad reputation due to some people overusing it. You can go too extra in everything.
My desires were purely aesthetic, and I don't think that's anything to be ashamed of hence, why I'm writing this blog post.
I did, though, sometimes get headaches from frowning too often.
Frowning and looking like I'm about to scold you isn't the face I want to represent myself with.

I chose to 'lose my nerves' Plastic Surgery Center after careful research. 

All pictures are non-edited.
 Before Botox

They'll put numbing gel on the areas to be Botoxed, and the stuff works quite well. The needle used is awfully small, and it feels like a sturdy mosquito bite. I was surprised that it hurt more near the brows than on the crow feet area near eyes.

I was told that my skin is firm and flexible making it easier and better, also when aging, to look good. Nice.
After an hour. You can see a tiny red spot at the very end of my cheek on the left side, and all my pores for I have not edited any of these pictures.

The full effect will take 2- 4 days, and will improve up to two weeks.
Plastic Surgery Center has a free consultation after the two weeks period, in case you're not freezed to your liking enough.
These are taken 1 day after

These are taken 2 days after

This is taken 5 days after. I'm trying my hardest to squint and frown here

I am so happy and pleased with the results. Like my darling friend says: "Joy to your every day".

What do you think of the results? Have you had good/ bad experiences? Let me know in the comments, xoxo


Monday, 25 September 2017

Burgers for Dinner

Mondays for some reason are always a bit stressful, you want to start the week 'right'. Waking up early, and having your To Do- list helps. 
Spent the day inside on my laptop, which is a pity for it was such a beautiful day today.

Dinner time was approaching, decided that we'd walk to Paseo. Such a cool design right in front of a beach, it's only a nice 10-minute walk from us.

The sun set whilst we ate, a nice heavy set of burgers. Enjoyed 12 cl of wine, just enough to give a little taste with food.

Walking home the wind was warm, stars were showing and the air was calm. A perfect end to this day.  Hope your Monday was great, xoxo



Kicks has launched its line of oval brushes, can't wait to try them with a whole bunch of new makeup from Paese.

Let me know what you thought in a comment, xoxo

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Get your Kari !

Last week, when you didn't really need a jacket yet, went and did my first outfit shoot with my friend Natalie. 
I've never described myself as a fashion girl, even though I've worked within retail and clothes for over a decade. Taking pictures or being a model for yourself is super awkward. Promotional modelling or acting is so much easier for you're in a character.
I'm wearing a KUONO- college from Kari Originals label. 
Very new, up and coming brand from Finland. The designer lives in Helsinki, Finland, and the products are made in Europe from eco cotton. 
They have two models, KUONO- college in black, and KLOPO- college in grey. Within two weeks their website at open, and they've got new merch dropping. Can't wait !
Pictures: Natalie M. Vilen

I love supporting locals, and small businesses with an added extra of eco-friendliness in mind. 
What you think of the look? Let me know in the comments, xoxo


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

I've been Lash Lifted

I love going out without makeup, and now I've taken another step forward of looking fab naturally*.
Now, what have I done? I went and got my lashes lifted at Studio VMS .

I had eyelash extension for a while and I was pretty happy with them. The only thing that I disliked, I think all who use them can agree, is that when the extensions start falling off and you're left with the 'bald' spots.
Decided to give my lashes a break and go eye makeup free for the majority of the summer.

I don't use a curler for I noticed that when I used it consecutively my lashes were falling off more than usual. But I did miss the effect the curling gives, it does open your eyes.
Hence, trying the lash lifting. 

Before picture

What exactly does that mean?
This procedure is not entirely new but they've changed it a bit. It used to be called lash perm.
Meaning they'd have tiny rolls which they used to curl your lashes with. 

Now what they've come up with is a silicone pad (to replace those horrid rolls) and they gently curl your lashes on top of it. 

After pictures

You'll be placed gel pads to your under eyes.
Close your eyes and enjoy.
Silicone pad placed.
Lashes gently swiped to the silicone pad.
The adhesive, or whatever they call it, smells like burnt hair. The only discomfort.
You're still relaxing eyes wide shut.
They normally tint your eyelashes, after the serums washed off.
So now when you open your eyes you've got beautifully curled, lifted lashes.

Before & After - all pics not edited, otherwise I would have filtered those blackheads to oblivion.

The effect is said to last normally two months but depending on your lash growth maybe longer.
At Viivi's (Studio VMS) the Lash Lift + Tint is 85€.
So far, I'm loving this. What do you think? Leave me a comment, xoxo

*to me natural means no makeup as in foundations and such

Sunday, 17 September 2017


A new launch from L'Oreal for brows. Will this product rival Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade, watch to find out.


Saturday, 16 September 2017

10 tips on how to ride out a cold

I'm suffering/ experiencing from a slight cold with a runny nose, blocked ears, and a coarse throat. Started off yesterday as just a bit sore throat in the morning and then escalated into this whole runny nose situation.
So listed are my top 10 tips on how to ride out a cold:

1. Rest. Make yourself comfy in a bed with enough pillows or build your fortress at the sofa. Stay at a slightly elevated position with plenty of Kleenex at hand.

       2. Have a window open just enough for fresh air.

3. Medicine up. If you have just a normal virus, try and medicate yourself but if the situation continues, you get high fever etc go to doctors asap. 

4. Drink up. Water, maybe sodas, smoothies, tea etc. Cold drinks are great if you have inflamed and sore throat. I've sometimes gargled with vodka to kill the bacteria in my throat, it hurts but I think it worked haha. Don't drink it though, spit it out.

5. Eat. Your body is at war with some baddies and you want to help, right? So eat. You need to give your body ammunition and strength. Sweets are allowed, but only if you eat real food too.
6. Try and feel as comfy as possible. Watch your Netflix/ HBO, don't even attempt on touching your computer for work etc. 

7. Sleep, whenever you feel like it. As I've said before your body is in a war and need rest so give in and sleep.

8. Hot showers. The steam will help your breathing, and snot (sorry) will be easier to blow out. Hot water will dehydrate you, and your skin, so remember to drink up well & moisturize your skin.

9. Routines. Do try and keep up your daily normal cleansing routines; wash your face and moisturize, brush your hair and teeth. You will feel just a bit better.

10. Take your time. You need to be patient. That is probably the hardest part but as essential as all above.

What did you think of my tips, leave a comment ! 

Thursday, 7 September 2017


On the video, I go through my current hair care hates & faves. I also talk about how I take care of my hair and how often I wash it, xoxo

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