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Saturday, 16 September 2017

10 tips on how to ride out a cold

I'm suffering/ experiencing from a slight cold with a runny nose, blocked ears, and a coarse throat. Started off yesterday as just a bit sore throat in the morning and then escalated into this whole runny nose situation.
So listed are my top 10 tips on how to ride out a cold:

1. Rest. Make yourself comfy in a bed with enough pillows or build your fortress at the sofa. Stay at a slightly elevated position with plenty of Kleenex at hand.

       2. Have a window open just enough for fresh air.

3. Medicine up. If you have just a normal virus, try and medicate yourself but if the situation continues, you get high fever etc go to doctors asap. 

4. Drink up. Water, maybe sodas, smoothies, tea etc. Cold drinks are great if you have inflamed and sore throat. I've sometimes gargled with vodka to kill the bacteria in my throat, it hurts but I think it worked haha. Don't drink it though, spit it out.

5. Eat. Your body is at war with some baddies and you want to help, right? So eat. You need to give your body ammunition and strength. Sweets are allowed, but only if you eat real food too.
6. Try and feel as comfy as possible. Watch your Netflix/ HBO, don't even attempt on touching your computer for work etc. 

7. Sleep, whenever you feel like it. As I've said before your body is in a war and need rest so give in and sleep.

8. Hot showers. The steam will help your breathing, and snot (sorry) will be easier to blow out. Hot water will dehydrate you, and your skin, so remember to drink up well & moisturize your skin.

9. Routines. Do try and keep up your daily normal cleansing routines; wash your face and moisturize, brush your hair and teeth. You will feel just a bit better.

10. Take your time. You need to be patient. That is probably the hardest part but as essential as all above.

What did you think of my tips, leave a comment ! 

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