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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

I've been Lash Lifted

I love going out without makeup, and now I've taken another step forward of looking fab naturally*.
Now, what have I done? I went and got my lashes lifted at Studio VMS .

I had eyelash extension for a while and I was pretty happy with them. The only thing that I disliked, I think all who use them can agree, is that when the extensions start falling off and you're left with the 'bald' spots.
Decided to give my lashes a break and go eye makeup free for the majority of the summer.

I don't use a curler for I noticed that when I used it consecutively my lashes were falling off more than usual. But I did miss the effect the curling gives, it does open your eyes.
Hence, trying the lash lifting. 

Before picture

What exactly does that mean?
This procedure is not entirely new but they've changed it a bit. It used to be called lash perm.
Meaning they'd have tiny rolls which they used to curl your lashes with. 

Now what they've come up with is a silicone pad (to replace those horrid rolls) and they gently curl your lashes on top of it. 

After pictures

You'll be placed gel pads to your under eyes.
Close your eyes and enjoy.
Silicone pad placed.
Lashes gently swiped to the silicone pad.
The adhesive, or whatever they call it, smells like burnt hair. The only discomfort.
You're still relaxing eyes wide shut.
They normally tint your eyelashes, after the serums washed off.
So now when you open your eyes you've got beautifully curled, lifted lashes.

Before & After - all pics not edited, otherwise I would have filtered those blackheads to oblivion.

The effect is said to last normally two months but depending on your lash growth maybe longer.
At Viivi's (Studio VMS) the Lash Lift + Tint is 85€.
So far, I'm loving this. What do you think? Leave me a comment, xoxo

*to me natural means no makeup as in foundations and such

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