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Thursday, 15 June 2017

My new hair by Gyyli

My hair guru is Inka at Gyyli (, she has a strong visual idea on what to do so I leave all to her.

The before wasn't bad, just a bit over grown ombré/ balayage even though my previous appointment was six months ago. Inka decided that she'll update and freshen up the previous model by adding more light, especially near face, yet naturally aiming for sun kissed highlights. Due to only doing highlights the colouring isn't so taxing on hair which is why my hair is in a fab shape. Also seen as we haven't dyed my hair from the top/ roots the colour will look good longer vs dying the whole hair and always worrying about roots.

Cut wise my hair was even long, super heavy and thick. Inka only cut the worse parts of the length, about few centimeters and focused on layering the hair lighter and more airier.  

Inka and Gyyli are the same, it's her baby. She has highly skilled people working there and has selected everyone herself. Gyyli is a beautiful salon where you'll end up chatting to other customers and/ or the hairdressers after you're done. They have your fav gossip magazines ready at piles for you to feast your eyes before they're done making you gorgeous.

One thing that Inka said was that remember when you're at a hairdresser that the colour needs to look good even at wet when you come from the wash pit. It'll obviously lighten up when hair dries but if your hairdresser tells you "It'll be better when you wash it a few times" or "It'll tone down" or "After I've curled/ straightened your hair it'll be great" - not good.

You can see what I mean from this pic right?

Before and after side by side.


Like come on !! <3

Some videos for you to feast your eyes on

More about Gyyli at

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