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Monday, 30 October 2017


The trend or goal nowadays is to become a strong, successful & independent woman, 
but what does that mean?
In my head, the first images that I get are a businesswoman, busy, suited and booted to the tee 
with tons of money.
Doesn't sound realistic that we all strive for that or that that would even make all of us happy.
Photo by Zoja Saveljeva 

To be strong can mean that you can deal with a lot of unpleasant events and still cope. Strong can also mean being physically strong.

To be successful, you need to determine that to you on the basis of what makes you happy. I believe that if and when I'm happy, I have succeeded. You don't need to wear a 2k power-dress, you can be covered in baby goo in your pajamas and be the most successful person you know.

To be independent can mean that you can change your own car tires but can also mean that owning up to what are your weaknesses and being strong enough to ask for help. To me, this is tech stuff. I am hungry to learn and I'm trying my best to manage all the new gadgets and Softwares but sometimes I just can not figure something out and it is completely okay to ask for help.

My point is that we all are different, we all have different sets of standards of what is or makes a successful, strong & independent woman. You have already everything you need to become that inside you. You are enough, and you can. 
So to recap:
  1. You need to be happy. If you're not happy, think/ list what are those that you are missing from making you happy.
  2. Then using bullet points or writing on your calendar your weekly ToDo tasks start making small goals per week.
  3. Focus, yet be open to change and adapt. It's okay to change your goals. You are making you happy.
To all of you strong, successful & independent ladies with love, Mimi

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