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Thursday, 25 May 2017

What does every hip blogger in Helsinki need ?

Well, a hip blogger has a Mac book and an Iphone. I've got a pc, so I don't know if can call myself a real blogger.

Hip blogger has ripped jeans and beautifully manicured or gelled nails.

A designer bag is a must. Pictures with flowers and champagne (read alcohol that looks cool) should be on everyone's Instagram feed every once in a while.

Regardless of bloggers eyesight these are the IT- glasses, I actually do need these. The chrome sunglasses are also very hip. 

If one wants to be seen as cool and relaxed one uses a cotton bag, preferably from Marimekko.

Blogger must take photos of food, best if it's organic & healthy, lattes and beauty magazines. 

This hat is the IT- hat at the moment- super cool. Not me or on me, I only wear 'trucker' caps if having bad hair day.

All photos by me, as usual, except for the Mac and the hat- they're from Pixabay. 

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