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Monday, 22 May 2017

Näsinneula- restaurant at Tampere

Took a day trip from Helsinki to Tampere, the drive is about few hours. As you can see from the pictures the weather was unbelievable, such a beautiful blue, clear sky. Wondered where in Tampere would you get the best view?
The answer is Näsinneula observatory tower. The tower is in total 168m high and has a revolving (!) restaurant at that's at 134m. A whole tour, takes 45min to turn 360'.

I'd never been to Näsinneula or the restaurant and I'm also afraid of heights and get motion sick. However, I was feeling adventurous so up we went.  

The views were amazing ! The amusement park that you can see on the picture below is called Särkänniemi.

Like I sais I was feeling adventurous so instead of a regular meat meal I ordered a Vegetarian menu. Great choice. I was so excited during the first courses that I only took Instagram story videos, apologies for the photos.

This was the tiniest and tastiest soup I've had. Normally I do not like soups but this was fantastic. It was Compliment from the kitchen.

Next was white asparagus with roasted cauliflower. Gooood.

This fun looking cutie was tomate sorbét and it tasted as weird as it looks.

The main course was asparagus risotto with Jerusalem artichoke. Heaven, my goodness this was good.

A selection of Finnish cheeses and super tasty jam made by Näsinneula kitchen.

Dessert was coconut- vanilla pudding with strawberry. 

Even a regular latte was so good I didn't realize to take a picture before it was gone.

Besides the food I think that the restaurant should have great service, which we did thank you, pleasant surroundings, and clean, nice toilets. Just look how nice theirs are.

A trip that was totally worth sitting in the car for over fours hours, highly recommend. Oh and I did not get scared of the height nor did I get motion sickness.
Here's a link to Näsinneula restaurants site, you need to make a reservation if you plan on going !

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