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Monday, 29 May 2017

Allergies- I've got plenty

I am allergic to a number of things and let me tell you I hate it.

Let's start with trees pollen. Yes, you can be allergic to trees pollen. It's quite usual actually.
I'm allergic to birch, alder and mug worth ( I just used the google translator and I hope this is a real tree kind) and also freshly cut grass.

Due to what's called cross effect I'm allergic to:
Passion fruit

And probably something else, I honestly can't remember all. The severeness of the allergies also goes hand in hand sometimes with the season of pollen.

I can eat all these things after they've been heat treated. I eat strawberries and fresh peas, because they are delicious, but can only eat a fair amount before it gets uncomfortable.

So what's the deal, what happens?
If I eat something I'm allergic to my throat starts to tickle (it means it's swelling), my gums start to itch and my tongue can swell up too. Not that cool.

This wasn't all, I'm also allergic to almost all animals:

Cats (highly allergic)
Guinea pigs & hamsters
Super allergic to bees (need to go to hospital asap if stung)
Mosquitoes (normal people get tiny but itchy spots if stung, my 'spots' are the size of a kneecap. Seriously.)
Basically all of them

Which sucks major a** is the fact that I love, love dogs.
Allergic reaction to animals? Skin develops red itchy spots, eyes start to itch and close up, I develop a flu like coughing and sneezing with lovely wheezing. Worst cases my throat starts to swell up.

Some, smart, people carry an EpiPen with them in case they have an anaphylactic shock. It contains epinephrine which narrows blood vessels and opens airways in the lungs. These effects can reverse severe low blood pressure, wheezing, severe skin itching, hives and other symptoms of an allergic reaction.
I should too.

Being so allergic has and does definitely get in my way so to say. My mother has dogs that I absolutely love but I can stand to be there, due to allergies I love my mom, only few hours. If I stay longer it takes longer for me to get back to normal. It sometimes takes days.

So when I say I'm not a hiker or a camper it's also because of the damn mosquitoes and the fact that I'm a city girl. My allergies may have influenced that though now that I think about it.

Like right now in Helsinki there's a birch season going strong followed by straight after the other two kinds that I'm allergic to. Hence, I'm forced to stay indoors mostly. It does suck like I said.

I do take drugs everyday, during the pollen season and when I go see my mom, antihistamine + nose spray + eye drops. If I'm out for long during this time, the next morning I wake up with even puffier eyes than normally and can't stop my nose from running.

I know it's hard for someone who's not allergic to understand but that is why I wrote this blog, to share information.

All pictures are from Pixabay.

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