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Tuesday, 24 October 2017


The long weekend at I Love Me- beauty (and health) convention is over. I had two brands which products I wanted to finally get my hand on, and they were Jeffree Star and Luz Lashes. 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics could be described as must-have products for anyone who's into beauty scene in Instagram and/ or YouTube. 
Luz Lashes are a variety of lashes made in collaboration with beauty influencers. The brand is owned by Anita Rincón who also has Rincón Cosmetics line.
 Both brands, Jeffree Star and Luz Lashes, are available in Finland from OletKaunis- online store. 
 I got the Nude mini collection.
Here is the shade Androgyny.
I was thinking of doing a video where I test out/ swatch the Jeffree shades and the highlighter, and apply these beauties on. What you think?
 This set was such a bargain, four sponges for 15€.
Can not wait to try this, was only 5€.
 From FaceHelsinki I go this lovely lot to try. Ziajas Cupuacu line, shower balm + bronzing lotion- sounds lush, and body scrub. Ziaja 
Sensitive enzyme peeling for face, head a lot of good about this product. 
Ziaja Olive line, it's getting colder and I for one need more moisturizing and hydration from my face creams. The white one is for day cream, and the green is for night cream.
Kents Pebble is taking over Tangle Teezers crown as the smallest, soft bristlest, and detangliest hairbrush. That fits basically to any bag too.
Also from FaceHelsinki, who are importers, you can find your local retailer from their website here, just a few things on my own dollar.
Pierre René Hyaluronic Acid seven days regimen. You have seven ampuls, one per day, half in the morning and the rest of the evening. You put your regular day, and night creams on top of this.
After this regime is done I'll continue using the hyaluronic elixir, every morning. 
Their Anti-aging Gel eye patch is amazing. I keep these in my fridge, and the mornings when I look/ feel super puffy they're nice and cool adding a bit more effect.
Bielendas Carbo Detox mask is something completely new, it's a new line they have. It's made for oily to combo skin, mines dry to normal so this one was the only one that suited my skin type.
DenovaPro eye gel, and nourishing eye cream. The red one to nourish during the day, and the blue one to fight dark circles and puffiness by night.
Ziajas Goat's milk makeup remover is super efficient yet gentle, has ricinoil for extra care to your lashes. 
Ziajas foot cream is my every night ritual.

That was quite a haul, don't you think, have you tried any of these products?
Or were you at the convention, did you get to see Jeffree? I saw him, and his posse, walk by me.

Have a beaut of a day, Mimi 


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