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Monday, 11 December 2017


I'm always on the lookout for new skincare products, and boy am I happy I got these Ziaja Cupuacu- line products to test.
* products given by FaceHelsinki
The lines shower balm is basically your in-shower-body-lotion. During summer you probably won't need to put lotion after this. Very rich, and creamy- I love it. Super product to have if you suffer from dry skin, by using this and then on top my usual body lotion (or the bronzing lotion) my skin feels almost as soft as during summer. Which is a miracle.
This body scrub has the best scent ever, it's smells like toffee ! 
The jar is rather big, price is low (8,90€ at Sokos), and it delivers. After using this your skin is super smooth, can save some extra days of not shaving. So it smells nice lasts pretty long, and works. 
The last product is a bronzing body lotion. This is so easy to spread out, it moisturises so nicely, and to my great surprise does give a noticably colour. My trick to applying is first to put other, rich (normal) body lotion to dryer parts of body (elbows etc), apply as you would normally, wash your hands, apply a tiny bit to the back of your hand and rub them together. This way you'll have the same colour on your hands but not streaks, and certainly not on the inside of your hands.
You can buy these in Finland from Sokos and Sokos emotions, I'll add direct links below to e-shop.
These three have been my must haves since summer, and will continue to be.

Ziaja Cupuacu Bodyscrub here
Ziaja Cupuacu in-shower Body Balm here
Ziaja Bronzing Body Lotion here

P.S. Sokos has pretty nice gift sets from Ziaja for Xmas ;)

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