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Monday, 18 December 2017


Hair masks have been around for a while now so what's new?
Davines has come with a new idea for masking, instead of choosing a mask based on your hair type you choose what your needs atm.
So instead of always choosing that frizz ease, tame mask go for this new and cool Purity Circle mask to detoxify your hair. 
*Products given by FaceHelsinki who is the importer in Finland
This isn't all of it. The newest craze is to multi-mask.  I'll give you four examples of how to.

Let't say you want to relax, you'd choose:
  • "Wake up" to freshen up scalp 
  • "Spotlight" to length of hair to bring shine
Shine on:
  • "Purity" to detox the scalp
  • "Spotlight" to hair length for shine
  • "Renessaince" to repair hair ends

New life:
  • "Wake up" to freshen up scalp
  • "Renessaince" to repair hair lengths and to bring shine
  • "Quick Fix" to bring moisture and smooth hair ends
  • "Purity" to cleanse the scalp and hair lengts
  • "Quick Fix" to brighten and bring moisture

Sounds great, right? The bags have 50ml of product and are sealable.
Now I'm left to wonder which ones should I use today.

Happy masking,


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