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Friday, 17 November 2017


I've been doing yoga on and off for almost 20 years- sounds like I should be a pro by now right?
Well, I'm not. There are so many different kinds of yoga that I haven't even tried them all.
What I have tried are Ashtanga yoga, Yin yoga, and Bikram yoga. I can do a separate post on those if you'd like?
The thing with yoga is that every single session, can you say it's a session?, is different.
So much depends on how your day's been, what kind of mood you're in.
Just when you think you think you've 'cracked the code' and mastered something that just leads you to a deeper pose that will strengthen and touch muscles you didn't realise you could use.
Lately, I've been going more to Bikram yoga classes. The heat makes me stretch easier, and I feel that the heat and humidity in the room does good to my skin.
What I really think is the hardest part, and the best about yoga is that for the 90 minutes you solely focus on that. It must be the same though in every sport. I feel like I'm such a hyper person that the concentration and focusing helps me even after the class. 
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