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Monday, 20 November 2017


Warm days are truly over in Helsinki, Finland and with that it means turning your skincare products to more moisturising and hydrating.
I got these Ziaja Natural Olive line face creams to try from FaceHelsinki.
My skin is normal, dry due to winter, but I do get the slightly oily T-zone.
The white package/ jar is anti- wrinkle cream, and for the day.
 The green package/ jar is the intensely nourishing, and I used for the night.
The creams have very mild mild to zero scent, which is super if you're sensitive. 
Anti-wrinkle cream is recommended for 30+, and has Q10 to renew the skin, lessen wrinkles and to prevent them. Olive oil is to nourish the skin and to protect from free radicals. Price is 9,90€ at Sokos department stores and website.

Intensely nourishing cream very rich, so a little goes long way. You can use it as day and/ or night cream, but it was perfect for me as a night cream. The olive oil nourishes skin preventing it from loosing moisture, boosting skins renewal. Restores skins elasticity and softness. Suitable for all ages. Price is 6,90€ at Sokos department stores and website. 

Big words, big promises !
I used the products for over a month, how did they perform?
My skin is super soft. Even my friends have noticed, and one of them wouldn't believe that I wasn't wearing any makeup one day that it was just my glowing healthy skin.
I've also noticed a difference on the fact that I don't have those white pimples, that come from when your skin is dry, anymore. Fantastic !
I apply creams quite liberally, and from my forehead to my 'breastline'. So all the way. 
I find it quite unbelievable that you can have such good products with a super affordable price.

Can highly recommend Ziaja, and these two face creams for the winters malnourished skin.

As an extra I'll show you what I've been using to tackle eye area wrinkles and puffiness.
Denova pro lines Nourishing eye cream on the mornings to give moisture and nourish. Nourished skin equals less wrinkles.
Eye gel with eyebrighter extract to fight against dark under eyes and puffiness during nigh time.

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 Have a nourished dayMimí

Products given by FaceHelsinki.
Straight link to Sokos website to the Natural Olive Anti-Wrinkle Cream, 9,90€.
Straight link to Sokos website to the Natural Olive Intensely Nourishing Cream, 6,90€.
Denova Pro retailers in Finland here.



  1. Love it!
    Can i get them in the UK?

    1. Hey babe, sure can :) link totheir website, not sure if if/ where they sell them in a store their FB page


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