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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Why you shouldn't do anything 100%?

We are living in a society where everything is expected to happen right at the second you want it. There are also many aspects now, much more than back in the day. We have work life, personal life, friends, family, hobbies, kids...
Many aspects in life at the moment that require our attention and output. You simply cannot rip yourself apart while trying to do 100% in six different things at the same time.  There have been studies that have said that multitasking is a horrible thing to do to yourself. You can not focus properly on any of the things you're doing leading the results quite poor or you being absolute burnt out.

What I think you should do is strive to find a golden medium. A philosophy that I stand by is 80/20. Don't try and give your everything to every single thing you're doing. You need to have something left for you. If you give your all then what's there left of you? For yourself or anyone else?

As an example let's think of a diet. A strict diet only works for a while because eventually, you will want that piece of chocolate or crisps. What if instead of a strict 100% diet you would eat 80% of the time healthy and focus on that, you could (and should) allow yourself a treat for 20% of the time.
Sounds doable, right?

So maybe this could work outside the diet example?
Picture yourself, your daily tasks. Could you maybe tone down a bit, down to 80% from the 100% you're doing now, of the effort and stress you're doing now? How would your day go, could you manage?
I'd love for you to try and leave me comments how did that go and how did you feel.

Almost for the past month, I've been feeling very upbeat energetic and then suddenly a drop. So tired, no energy. I've done almost nothing for this past week, just bee laying on the sofa, scrolling through social media, netflixing. After doing this, basically nothing, and trying to get rid of the guilty feeling of why I'm not doing anything I realized that I had pushed myself too hard.
How ofter do you praise someone else or give advice? Then think when was the last time you said to yourself those same merciful words or praises.

You're good. You're smart. You can do this.

Also when was the last time you said to yourself this is enough? You should have a break. you shouldn't push yourself too hard. Your mind and body are yours and unique. No one else will and can look after them as good as do. So why not do it?

As a summary:
Be merciful to yourself & love yourself.


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