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Monday, 13 November 2017


Sick of too long jeans legs and not sure how to shorten them yourself? 
I did it, you can too so keep reading.
Photo by Zoja Saveljeva | Edit by me

You'll need:
  • jeans
  • scissors
  • thread and needle
  • nerves
  • time (15- 60 min)

1. You need to measure what is the right length for you by turning up the unwanted part.
2. Measure that the turned parts are the same length.
3. Start by cutting your way from the seam towards the turned part and cut along it.
4. Check that the seam is as straight as possible. 
5. When you put the jeans on you can see easier if there are some parts that need more trimming. Like here on the right leg there's a small part that I've missed.
5. You'll have an open seam, and you want to make a small stitch to seal it so it won't start opening.
A stitch like on the beige pants, just a small one.
6. If you want you can tease out a bit of threads with tweezers.
Annnd then you're done - Congrats !

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